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Three things we learned about Portugal after Nations League win over Poland

October 15/18

Portugal defeated Poland in their second Nations League game, moving to the top spot of the group and within a draw of taking top spot. Portugal would move to the semi-final stage of the tournament for a spot in Euro 2020. The Portuguese turned it on after surrendering the first goal and scored three straight. Portugal could have scored more if not for some poor finish. The score was flattered Poland who had a goal count at the end of the game that VAR would have clearly called back. We take a look at what we learned from the game.

1- Bernardo Silva has become most dangerous attacker behind Ronaldo

Bernardo Silva has shown once again his

quality in his latest performance against

Poland. Silva was a threat all night and scored

a magical third goal for Portugal. He took

control of the right and center of the field for

most of the game causing fits to the Polish

defense. Portugal are in good hands as Silva

looks to be the heir apparent to Ronaldo once

the current captain decides to hang up his

cleats with the national side. Silva is more

dangerous for Portugal when in more of a

central attacking role in the same way the national side would use Deco.

2- Ruben Dias gives the national side hope in the central defender role

Ruben Dias had another excellent game

against Poland and continues to improve

along side Pepe. The central defender

position is currently one of concern to the

national side and Dias' age of 21 is a refreshing

change to the recent call ups on the wrong

side of 30. Dias also could not have been

partnered with a better mentor in Pepe to help

him grow into a future role as the anchor of

the national side in the central defender role.

Portugal's cupboard on central defenders is 

not as bare as we once though with Diogo Leite and Edgar Ie on the horizon.

3- Portugal's right side of the field was all but unstoppable

The right side of Portugal's attack was all but

unstoppable all game against the Poles, only

when they decided to take their foots off the

gas was when Poland was allowed to breathe.

The attack of Cancelo-Pizzi-Bernardo seemed

to do as they pleased all night. Joao Cancelo

may just be the best right back in the world at

the moment and Pizzi's return to form this

season along with the brilliant form of

Bernardo could be a real threat to opposition

sides in the future and with Renato Sanches

looking to have regained his confidence this could soon be a quartet.


Fernando Santos
Crisitiano Ronaldo
Bernardo Silva